Why is my e cigarette not working?

If you are a regular user of an electronic cigarette then you must know about some basic things with respect to its usage and troubleshooting. This will help you to sustain an electronic cig for longer period of time with minimal or no issues. Electronic cig is an electronically operated device like any other battery operated devices. It is therefore important that it is used with proper care.

Reasons why e cig doesn’t work 

There are many instances where by you may get to a point where the e cig stops working. These are normal instances which can easily be tackled with smart troubleshooting tips. However one must know and understand these instances to avoid their recurrences. There is no reason to panic if it stops working for following reasons.

  • E cig battery if completely discharged then the e cig would not work. The battery needs to be recharged. There is an LED display maintained to indicate that the e cig discharged, the LED would display about 5 or more times.
  • Electronic cigarette is fitted with an atomizer which is often called as cartomizer. This if is overheated then again this cig would release low vapor and sometime may indicate to stop the use. This is only to prevent the burning of atomizer fitted in the cig.
  • Another point is if the atomizer is already burnt then it would not be able to vaporize the fluid. This means atomizer needs to be replaced.
  • If the cartridge is empty then again the e cig would not be able to work. This time the cartridge needs to be replaced.

It is very important this equipment is used with complete knowledge of each parts and their role in the whole assembly.


Troubleshooting tips

There are simple ways with help of which one can allow their e cig to sustain longer. These are routine things that one can follow.

  • Check that atomizer is working properly and is not overly used.
  • One must also ensure that the atomizer is not overheated frequently, if so then unscrew all the parts as directed in the user guide. Dry each part to ensure no liquid is stuck to the atomizer and then screw it again.
  • Charge your battery as required and replace it at timely intervals.
  • Never let the e cig dry before next refill. This may damage atomizer.
  • Use the best quality e liquid because their quality does matter for up to date working of e cig. Substandard quality e liquids may reduce the life of e cig atomizer. The same concept applies to the lithium batteries as well.
  • There can be things like low vapor production etc. which would mean that battery is old and needs to be changed.

There are simple things that if followed on regular basis would ensure efficient working of the device. Few checks on to your e cig parts would allow smooth and effective working of the instrument. There is wide choice on the market but always opt for the trusted brand because that will come with warranty and confidence on quality.