Live a Healthier Lifestyle – Go for Electronic Cigarette

If you are a smoker and would like to live a healthier life, you could opt for electronic cigarette. Nowadays, more and more people are shifting to electronic cigarettes because of its reported advantages like the following:

  • It does not have harmful chemicals.
  • It is smokeless.
  • It has no tar and tobacco.
  • It does not cause bad breath, yellow stains, carbon monoxide and ash.

Just to emphasize the benefits of it being smokeless, for electronic cigarette only create a vaporized smoke that immediately disappear in the air,  it does not bother anybody within the area where you smoke, thus the dangerous effects of second hand smoke is eliminated. As a result, smokers of electronic cigarettes are allowed to smoke on places where traditional smokers are prohibited.

In addition to these advantages, it still gives the same feeling of smoking a real cigarette. It still gives the same nicotine fix smokers crave for. Also, it could be used as a smoking cessation device, although not really intended as one but because of the strength of the nicotine juice or electronic juice that goes with it. Electronic juices are available in different strength like zero, low, medium and full. This varying strengths can help smokers reduce their nicotine intake gradually and until they eventually opt for nicotine-free liquids and ultimately kick-off the habit.

Nicotine juices also come in various flavors like menthol, candy, coffee and fruit flavors. Some are also available in totally nicotine free solution.

This new trend in smoking might just be the one a smoker like you have long waited for, for electronic cigarette might just be the one to help you go back to the life when you are not yet addicted to nicotine. Through this, you are helping to create a smoke-free environment and save the world from further deterioration.


Live a Healthier Lifestyle – Go for Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is today’s healthier alternative to traditional smoking. If you are a smoker and thinking of kicking off the habit, then you could try this one, for electronic cigarette has many advantages than the traditional cigarette.

This new way of healthier smoking as they claim, works just like smoking a real cigarette. It gives the same feeling and the same look just like a real one. It gives smokers the same nicotine fix, the one thing they crave and look for in smoking.

Many have already tried and shifted to the use of this new trend in smoking, for electronic cigarette is safe because it does not have any harmful chemicals or tobacco and it does not create any tars and smoke. No bad breath, no yellow stains, no carbon monoxide and no ash are only some of the advantages of smoking electronic cigarette.

Moreover, because electronic cigarette does not create any smoke, it permits smokers to smoke in places traditional smokers are usually banned. This becomes possible, for electronic cigarette only produces vaporized smoke that immediately vanishes in the air, thereby, does not affect anybody nearby. With this, the dangerous effects of second hand smoke are completely eliminated.

An electronic cigarette is powered by a battery. It has also cartridge that contains the nicotine liquid. When the gadget is inhaled, the battery heats up the cartridge that produces a vaporized smoke and also lights up the end of the cartridge. This gives the same feeling and sensation as smoking a real cigarette.  When you buy a starter kit, you will have the e-cigarette, a lithium ion battery, and a battery charger.

The nicotine liquid or electronic juice comes in different flavors and strength. There are those that come in traditional liquid flavors like menthol, others have different flavors of candies, coffee and fruits such as apple, banana, strawberry, and melon to name a few. Nicotine strength comes in zero, low, medium and full strength. These electronic juices consist of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol or glycerin which, are common food additives.

Although the electronic cigarette is not primarily a smoking cessation device, however, the varying strength of nicotine could aid a smoker to gradually decrease his nicotine intake. He could settle for a lesser nicotine strength or choose those that come in various flavors that are totally nicotine free.

Besides the fact that it could help smokers quit smoking, it could also help them reduce their expenses for electronic cigarette is less costly in the long run compared to smoking real cigarettes.

To shift from traditional smoking to smoking electronic cigarette has many advantages. Its advantage is most primarily the effect it would have on the health of the smoker as well as the people who lives with that person and those nearby. It also gives the smoker the opportunity to socialize more as they are not banned to smoke in public places. Consequently, if more and more people will shift to this new trend, the ill effects of tobacco smoking will be greatly reduced.